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Just miscellaneous, mishmash ... to absorb some of the 'missing links' ... some are in javascript, which FrontPage 2000 and 2002 miss ...

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brown color square green color square blue color square

speed scale gif


blank small [space fill gif] image fill

***[space gif again]*** and the image used in the [snow flake] snow -> [another snow flake ] and a 2nd [a second snow flake  ]

... more mash ... link to robot.txt

php? test3.php * test4.php * test5.php * totalused.php * and php.ini

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fg ? blender.htm sydney_2,htm

Miscellaneous images -
original CIS image another CIS image and a 3rd CIS image

map 1 image map 2 image map 3 image

Another moon page ... another old home page ...

Circa April, 2006, Solange and Bernard ... A link to some test pages ... and to the prodp page ... a 'missing' page

A nice Australian Wombat -

a nice wally the wombat


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