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2009-04-23: TerraGear Scenery Generation: Cullam took the time to experiment with the 'terrafit' tool, and used a maxerror parameter of 5. While this certainly pushed the generation to a new level, is it worth the extra time and effort? The images below are both generated using the CDED1 ASCII 0.75 arcesec DEM data, the left is using -m 15, and the right -m 5



Some (subtle) comparisons...

-m 15 -m 5
ns4 034 jpg ns4 035 jpg
ns4 036 jpg ns4 037 jpg



If you want to try this scenery yourself - actually fly around in it, then downlaod the tarball below, and install it in your scenery...

Date Link Size
2009-04-24 NewScene14.tar.gz 123,600,572


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