Frozen Sources - 20 April, 2008

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These sources are provided only as a frozen reference. It is highly recommended you download the latest source, either via SVN/CSV, or tar.gz, depending. All the source links are given on this page, and again here :-

List of download links
Org Site Org Site
cvs FlightGear tar.gz Zlib
cvs SimGear cvs pthreads
svn plib svn osg
svn openal tar.gz libpng
cvs freeglut    

BE WARNED: I, and other like me can NOT support you if you use these moribund sources! We want to spend our time helping those using the current development sources. And even if you find and fix any 'bug', then before you report it you MUST download and check the latest source still has this bug, and any 'diff' should only be against the current source.

Click on the following links to download the ZIP file. If this fails, try a right button click, and in the context menu, left click 'Save Target As...' ...

List of ZIP downloads, in Date Order
Date Zip Size Md5
2008/04/21 2,965,853 edc31c1cdf14c82873b5c576f919e277
2008/04/21 957,810 2a5ef3f718dc57b7b19e99c8b9746f62
2008/04/21 759,727 3721b1f05c9f45c338942347e971c843
2008/04/20 5,489,173 c30cd56164d307f84e3717869d11a764
2008/04/19 342,796 0de8d75f1a82288ecfedbff7757f88de
2008/04/18 4,078,195 ff9ed434daae28e27c75802ca1bf7636
2008/04/18 4,607,473 f976a7e80db228e43b00e4ecf2fcb794
2008/04/02 959,959 e2f58f96edbab3d102e5ac18e04c5f70
2005/07/18 595,886 012dfc97da5c2968a5bcef2f882af496


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