World Time


Current Date:

Current time in various zones around the world - may NOT be correct time, +/-2! I include it mainly for the example of creating (allocating and managing) an array in javascript, and how that can include creating an array, so it ends up an array of arrays ... great example ...

SFO: 20/3/07 3:33:48 AM TYO: 20/3/07 8:34:45 PM HKG: 20/3/07 7:35:23 PM BKK: 20/3/07 6:36:08 PM
NYC: 20/3/07 6:36:48 AM LON: 20/3/07 11:37:22 AM PAR: 20/3/07 12:37:55 PM SYD: 20/3/07 9:38:35 PM

For a cute little javascript analogue clock  that follows the mouse ;=))

For a bigger city list, see World Clock - Time Zones


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