Learning French

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Learning spoken and written french. Centainly not one of my greatest feats, but way up there in difficulty. Last year I attended a Grata course, for about 60 hours, at entry level 1, and this year, in July 2016, completed another 57 hours of the level 2 course, both at the Middle School Ann Frank, in Antony.

How did I do? I guess I would say I can now 'read' well written french. That is of course the easiest, since you have time to study the words, and even look them up in a dictionary. Last week I did finish reading Knulp, a short novel, written by Hermann Hesse, in 1915 in germany, later translated to french.

Attetation de fin de formation

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Attetation de comptetance

I guess the final proof is how well I do in real life! With not a vey big social calendar, I do not get much of an opportunity to practice.

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