Doggie Clips

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Some conversions from 'max' ;=)) tar muchly... every example helps 'understanding'...

1: download : DoggieClips01.mp4 inline: dc-01.htm

Format Details:

DoggieClips01 png


2: download: DoggieClips02.mp4 inline: dc-02.htm or dcjs-02.htm

Note: The inline dcjs-02.htm link uses javascript to generate the <object classid=... > html code, so javascript MUST be enabled to view this file, but in all other respects it should be exactly equivalent to dc-02.htm...

Format Details

DoggieClips02 png


3: download: DoggieClips03.m4v inline: dc-03.htm or dcjs-03.htm

Format Details: Converted with Toast 10 (for MAC)

DoggieClips03 png


4: download: WithWondershareVCPro.mp4

Format Details: unknown - Converted with Wondershare product

20131216: Received a 'strange' email request, which originally was marked as SPAM, to remove the link I had to Wondershare? Then it was followed up with a 2nd email 6 days later! Starting to 'feel' like SPAM. The link had been there since 20090804. Sooo, ok, who cares! You can look it up for yourself, or NOT ;=))

5: download: 20370718113047-hd-hb.m4v inline: dcjs-05.htm

Format Details: 1920x1080; H.264 - Converted with Handbrake



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