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Working Experience, continued.

To back up a little more ...

* Took Company from formation to annual turnover of US$1.5 million with a net profit margin of 40%.
* Success in penetrating the China market with specially developed PC-to-Mainframe communication software (in Assembler) and PC hardware. Also sold mainframe communication hardware.
* Excellent results in penetrating the Japanese market, through development of localised (in Japanese) software (Assembler and C) and PC hardware products. These were marketed by Unisys Japan Ltd.
* Successes with large European accounts, like Lufthansa, IBM Germany (OS/2), SAS (Dos), Amadeus (Windows) and others. Frequent trips to Europe and Canada, and later USA, up to 3-5 times per year.
* Handled localisation of software for Japanese, Korean, Chinese (PRC), Thai, Greek, Arabic as well as around 10 European languages - Dos, Windows and OS/2 in Assembler and C.
* Developed and managed turnkey projects for major customers like Cathay Pacific Airways (OS/2 X.25 Gateway - ASM & C) and the Singapore Government (UTS in ASM). This included negotiating the primary specification, coding tests, primary development, to testing, qualification and contact settlement.

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