The Future

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What does the future hold?

Well, one thing that is certain, is that the CLIMATE WILL CHANGE ;=)) But the idea that this is manmade, controlled by human activity, is PURE RUBBISH. Carbon Dioxide (CO2), manmade, or otherwise, does not drive climate change! This flies in the face of today's global warming alarm, where we are all being fed lies, lies, and more lies.

Recently, March 6, 2007, YouTube hosted a great set of videos, 8 in total, titled "The Great Global Warming Swindle". This is the URI to the first of the series of 8 - - Well worth watching, and listening carefully. I have put up a page of the information I extracted. But if this IFRAME presentation fails in your browser, go directly to the URI through this link -

Java, Some Say?

Why not try a Java Moon! Or javascript 'World Time' ...

Toy Seeing Car?

Just an idea, on playing with a Webcam on a Toy Car!

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